DGS 7500

DGS 7500 Digital Gantry with Temperature Detection

  • Digital Gantry with Temperature Detection with range of
    20 Deg C to 40 Deg C ( +/- 5 Deg)
  • Temperature notification via LCD Display, Alarm & LED
  • Temperature Detection is 2s to 3s
  • Suitable for Airports, Event Halls, Court House,
    Government Offices, Hospitals , Theme Park,
    Transportation Terminals, Factory
  • Accordance to Standards : GB 15210-2003 , General
    specification for walk-through Detectors
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PixeLab Digital Gantry System with Temperature Detection is a temperature measurement system for
pedestrian transit area like Airports, Train Station, Shopping Malls, Schools & Government Offices. PixeLab
Temperature Scanning Technology that has been in operation throughout the SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and
H5N1, Coronavirus outbreaks. It is operational in numerous countries including UK, Thailand, Mauritius,
Angola and in Mexico